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Genres: Action
Actors: Sean Faris , Danny Dyer , Tamer Hassan , Amanda Fuller , Seymour Cassel , Mariah Bonner , Casey Durkin , Jia Mae , Ryan Doyle , Jason Botsford , Curtis Taylor , Warren Ostergard , Phillip DeVona , Rebecca Da Costa , Erica Stikeleather
Director: Lawrence Silverstein
Country: United States
Year: 2011
IMDB Rating: 3.7/10 (3587 votes)

With a ticking bomb locked to his neck, a young freerunner races against the clock and all types of baddies to get from one end of the city to the other to save himself and his girlfriend.

Film Review

Films come and go this film has gone,I was in stitches badly filmed ,badly acted and what could have been a good script never surfaced the only good parts of the film was the English guy in the hat lol. IMDb ratings went astray with this one same as Drive with hints of Running Man. What am i saying this was Running man for 2011 if you like a laugh and have 90mins to waste it's worth £3 of anyones money in the reduced bin at blockbusters Danny dyer does his best but with a bad lines he drowns. Sean Faris plays a competent role but i looked at him and thought it was a young Tom Cruise and that thought stuck with me through the film Weird!!! The Film should be available at all good Car Boot sales soon. lol 🙂

This movie is hilarious.Overlooking all the stupidity involved – my biggest hangup is that a crucial part of the movie involves the main character's girlfriend driving the freerunners with her car that was sold not 5 minutes earlier in the movie. Hahaha… It wouldn't have been as funny if they hadn't emphasized the part where the car is sold and the keys are turned over to the buyer.I think the other reviews pretty much sums it up except the B-movie title is kind of undeserving… This movie is further along the alphabet, probably closer to the end.

Freerunner is definitely a film not for everyone and not everyone will enjoy it. The film isn't perfect but what it's set out to be, it is pretty good and does a good job at capturing freerunning. Im not much a fan of the act but I understood what it was prior to watching this film. This film is pretty violent also which I think adds to its creativity. Without it, it wouldn't be the same and I applaud the directors for going all out. Though they could have cut down on the cursing. The film gets good around less than midpoint. About the time when Danny Dyer's character is introduced as the villain (part when the freerunners get locked in a mysterious place underground then get gas poisoned). From here is when the fun begins and the plot kicks in- they all get ticking bomb collars attached to their necks waiting to explode. Sean Farris also does a good job as the lead but it's a little disappointing seeing him in less than superior films. His career doesn't…


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